Below is a collective list of questions that we (the Movies.SE community) feel would be vastly improved if we were allowed to embed YouTube videos into our questions and answers.

Further, these questions show that while we can get some points and context done with just text, some things, especially on a site about Movies and Television, just need to be seen.

Questions about filming techniques, specific scenes, as well as quotes from the actor require actual viewing in order to get all the information required to answer the question properly.

If you can think of more question examples (besides Identify-This-X) that are good examples, feel free to edit them in and/or answer this question with them to be incorporated. This question is our argument FOR YouTube/Video Embedding into questions and answers.

Lets make our case as strong as possible!

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This just-posted question on demonstrates clearly why this request cannot be adequately fulfilled.

The youtube link used is broken for me, as it probably will be for most of the movies.SE audience with the following:

This video contains content from Public Domain Compositions, SME, Warner Chappell and UMG, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.

So, no one person is going to become the DRM expert for content we want to display from all over the world, and this wish or desire may be helpful to some members, somewhere, but not to the all members everywhere. In this case, even the link is useless to the majority of movies.SE users (defined as North America), and points out that an embedded youtube within our questions will fail just as dramatically.

I personally don't feel that an unfulfillable video block with the message inside to the degree of 'Go away, nothing to see here.' is useful or desirable. Let youtube continue to say it, once the link is clicked and the message is clearly theirs; incorporate a video window with that message within the confines of our questions, then the responsibility is blurred.

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